Spec Homes

There are many misconceptions about what a SPEC home is...often thought of as a basic home, with low quality materials, and in a bad neighborhood... that is far from the truth!

SPEC homes are brand new homes, where the construction has started before a buyer has bought the home. It is true some builders outfit their SPEC homes with lower quality materials, not here at Duncan & Duncan. We use high quality materials, beautiful floor plans and pick the best areas possible to build the new home. We use up-to-date options such as wood flooring, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more, to ensure you get the best home possible.

SPEC homes may not be the best route for a home buyer that wants to personally choose every detail of their new home, it is perfect for those who love a good looking home, one that is built with high quality materials. A SPEC home also allows for a quicker close and quick move-in.

And while you are looking at SPEC homes, you are able to tour the actual home that you will be living in, not a model home or just looking at a blueprint of what it will look like.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and how a Duncan & Duncan SPEC home could be the perfect home for you and your family!